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"Sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of care."  Easy for you, Shakespeare!

It's distressing to be completely exhausted and unable to relax and have a good night's sleep. The more you toss around the more stressed you become and the more you toss around. There are various ways that can help in preventing sleepless nights and it is worth learning more about the problem.

Quietly relaxing in the latter part of the evening is most helpful in preparing for a restful sleep. Exercise is stimulating and if done approaching bedtime might put you in a wide awake state.

Trying to put yourself to sleep seems to have the opposite effect. Instead of clamping your eyes tight, try leaving them open to roam the room. Fixing them on an insignificant object can take even more pressure off. In many cases people don't need as much sleep as they think they do. If you consider that you could manage well with less, there will be less effort on trying to get to sleep. Removing the necessity will often relax you, make you feel better, and allow you to drift off.

When wide-eyed and thrashing about during the night, sometimes a change of scene and thoughts works. This can be helpful in salvaging a night's sleep: Get out of bed, have a wash, make a hot non-alcohol drink, and watch TV or read for awhile. Try to enjoy it and don't rush back. Often in a half to one hour drowsiness comes, with the mind cleared of whatever was buzzing in there. An hour lost from bed could very well be followed with a short but restful night's sleep.

Alcohol may help you to relax and go to sleep, but it is usually only short term, and the net result is less sleep overall. Most people find that taking nightcaps results in waking up at two or three in the morning, and an alcohol induced sleep is not usually a relaxed sleep.

With a troublesome sleep disorder a very first step might be a visit to your family doctor. There are also a lot of good books that offer suggestions on the subject of relaxation and sleep.   

Being free of constant stress and worry during the day and evening is pretty well a necessity for happy living, and for a good night's sleep. So try to establish a program to reduce your anxieties in life.


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